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Negative Effects Of Technology On Education Essay Outline



The Impact of Technology on Today

s Learning Environment

Contents (Outline):Introduction to technology as a tool in education

Technology changing world and learning environment

Introduction to oncoming topics of the essayHistorical arrival of technology in learning

History of first tool affecting education

Gradual oncoming of technology in education environmentChanges due to technology in our class and home

Increase of information about different subjects

Increase of competence in the learning environment

Standard of learning due to new requirements in fields of educationLearning environment shaping people in turn shaping our society

Cultural Industries due to education so making of nations with identities

World going



global thoughts

Grow of same thoughts and interests in a society giving it identityBenefits of technology

Making study interesting and adding fun element

..Increasing knowledge gain

Internet the flood of information

.at the spot access

Computer giving virtual world

.giving real experience

Distant learning

..knowledge to every one etc. Negative effects of technology


Less hard work and being dependent

Students became lazy


minds distracted by felicity of technology

Difficulty of finding correct information on internet

Decreasing communication skills

less interaction with friends etc.Future of technology

.the speed of progress

Changing requirements of different fields affecting future learning

Increase of new technology tools in education in future

Bright tomorrow of education and world under peaceful technology useA Summary to the essay:

The Impact of technology on our learning environment is apparent and  significant. Our environment has undergone a complete change under technology. Everything related to the study is going to be electronic. We use many types of gadgets in theclass as well as in our homes to assist us in study of any subject. Technology has made thelearning easy and interesting. Computer plays an important role in this entire scenario.There are software to make real world experience virtually. We have mathematical,biological, and every field related software making progress fast and easy. The Internet  provides us information quickly and according to the topic. The Impact of technology on students


life is far reaching. Their study has become purpose oriented by different  facilities to assist them finding the desired information at the time and according to thedemand. The Technology has added fun element in the learning. One the other hand, withall this facility and assistant, technology do have some negative impacts on thisenvironment. Specially, students


minds are distracted to media element and other negative sides of this felicity. But these effects can be reduced by taking some responsible stepsregarding use of the technology and controlling our behavior towards it. The Learning environment has bright future if this pace of progress keeps going on. But, this goeswithout saying that we must make ourselves and our children aware of the negativeimpacts of technology if we are to see a brighter tomorrow.


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