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Cover Letter Natural Resources

Dear Mr. Corwin,

In response to your recent job posting for a Wildlife Biologist I am attaching my resume for your review and consideration. With a Ph.D in Wildlife Biology and extensive experience conducting both university-based and independent research I believe I’m a prime candidate for position.

In my current position for the State of California Wildlife Division I lead a team of researchers examining the issue of sustainability. I possess a range of skills that are critical to a wildlife researcher like observation skills outdoor skills critical thinking and problem-solving skills. My communication and interpersonal skills with team members policy makers and the public have enabled me to be quite successful at funding my independent research. I’ve written numerous scientific papers and have been asked to speak to public groups academics and policy makers but I must say my best times have been had in remote areas conducting first-hand research.

I’d be a valuable addition to your company in all of the ways I have listed above and I have no doubt the association would be beneficial to both of us. Please call me at any time at the number above to discuss this opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Dr .Linda Smith

Write. Review. Target. Revise.

Cover letter writing is an art.  While there are suggested formats and samples to review, letters can vary widely.  Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that the job of the cover letter is to get you an interview.  It is not a repetition of your resume, though it should entice the reader to read your resume.
The actual writing of the cover letter comes after researching the employer, reviewing and deconstructing the job description, and plugging yourself into the job description, i.e. selecting top areas of the job description where you have solid knowledge, skills and/or experience.
Your goal should be to make the reader's task of evaluating you vis a vis the job description easy.  Remember that there may be various readers—an assistant with a checklist of qualifications, committee members who wrote the job description, or sometimes a computer scanner that counts key words. 
The below samples and outline will get you started or help you refine the letters you are already writing.