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Bcsl 013 Assignment Of Deed

In the first session of IGNOU, more than 4400 students were enrolled. In the current year, 21 schools are running under authorization of IGNOU and candidates are also taking interest to complete their graduation degree course or post graduation degree course from this University. This University was started in the year 1987. This university has completed journey of more than 20 years and huge number of graduation course, post graduation course, engineering course, non – engineering course, management course and others are part of this University. When Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) started, only two courses diploma in management and diploma in distance education are offered.

Candidates can choose the course which they want to continue in minimum fees. There are huge numbers of candidates who are pursuing bachelor degree course or post graduate course with their job. For this, open school institute are available so that students can continue their job with their study. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is one of best university in Indian Open University.  This university is much famous with IGNOU name. Candidates are taking too interest in IGNOU because all courses also available for open and distance learning (ODL). Official webpage link of IGNOU University is . No need to visit IGNOU schools or IGNOU center, just go to official webpage and all information is available there. If you are looking for admission in IGNOU, then get all information about this and your desired course. Exam date sheet, admit card, result and all other information is uploaded on webpage by higher authorities so that every enrolled student can get information on time. If you found any query, then you can contact to customer care on the given contact number.

BCSL-013 Computer Basics And PC Software Lab Solved Assignment

A unique thing about IGNOU is that staff members are too concern about candidates future and for this, they gave assignment to all enrolled candidates. In the assignment, questions are given and candidates have to submit the solution of all those questions. Such assignments are part of academic criteria of IGNOU and assignment weightage is part of total marks of course. All IT courses are also available here and every year huge candidates pass IT course from IGNOU. One of best IT course at IGNOU is BCA (Bachelor of computer application). There are many subjects in BCA and have to submit assignment for all subjects. One subject in BCA is BCSL – 013 computer basics and PC software LAB. This subject is available for candidates who are in first year.

Submit BCSL-013 COMPUTER BASICS AND PC SOFTWARE LAB SOLVED ASSIGNMENT on time because it has 25 % weightage in the total marks. Remaining 75 % marks of this subject will calculated from theory part. Respective teacher will upload assignment question on the student section so that all candidates get it from there easily. if you want to highest or full marks in the assignment, then write your assignment by following all guidelines and specified format.

There is specific format of this COMPUTER BASICS AND PC SOFTWARE LAB assignment and all candidates have to submit solution of assignment as per given format. An assignment is divided into three sections named as section I, section II and section III. Each assignment in IGNOU consist 100 marks. For 15 marks questions, candidates have to write about 500 to 700 words while for 5 marks question, you have to write approx 400 words. It is mandatory for all enrolled BCA candidates to submit assignment for this subject either they are part of session July 2017 or January 2018 otherwise candidates will not get qualifying degree from IGNOU University.

When you start to write assignment solution, you must also know about all guidelines which are given by teacher. If you did not follow any of guideline, then your marks will be deducted. Follow below given guidelines while writing answers of all questions:

  • First, read complete assignment carefully atleast one time.
  • Write the answers of questions on the asked word limit
  • All the answers of assignments should be written by candidate. no printed solution will accept
  • Do not copy and paste from books and other type of study material. You may try to write answer in your own language.

Visit IGNOU News for the Assignment, Previous year question papers, Exams details, Notifications and many more. If you need more question paper or assignment comment down.


Computer Basics and PC Software Lab BCA (1)-013/Assignment1

SECTION I : PowerPointQuestion 1:

Make a Presentation for a Travel agency which would include the following topics:

Introduction on the Agency and its management

International Destinations

European Tours

Australian Tours

Asian Tours

Airline Information along with Fares

Answer :

Step 1 :

Open Microsoft PowerPoint as,Start

All Programs

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Power Point 2007Step 2 :

Create new Slide for Title page (YATHRA Travel Agencies) as,Home

New SlideStep 3 :

Select design of presentation from Design menu

(Choose „Opulent‟)

Step 4 :

Change Layout of Slide as,Home

Layout (Choose appropriate layout style)Step 5 :

Formatting of texts like Fills, Effects, etc from Format menuStep 6 :

Create a new slide for

„Introduction to YATHRA‟

Enter the details about agency under the head.Step 7 :

Create another slide for „Introduction to Management‟

Under this head type about management of YATHRA Travel Agency.Step 8 :

Insert Picture to Slide as,Insert

Picture, on the Dialogue box browse the Picture wantStep 9 :

Shape Picture as Callouts as,Format

Picture Shape

(Select shape)Step 10 :

Inserting styles like shadow, 3D effects, etc. to Picture as,Format

(select the picture styles want to you)