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Pep Coursework Rounders

gcse pep page 1: introduction.

An easy one to get you started! Click on the link in pink above and fill in the details.

gcse pep page 2: sports performance.

Sports Performance.
This is an extension of your introduction. What we want to know is what sport do you play, where and how often. When talking about your strengths and weaknesses, I want you to talk specifically about components of fitness and how they improve or affect your performance. I have completed a perfect example and you can see it here.

gcse pep page 3: areas for improvement.

Areas for Improvement.
You now need to choose which component of fitness you are going to focus on and improve in your PEP. It is strongly recommended that you choose wither cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance or speed. Obviously you need to choose the most important component of fitness to your main sport. Make sure that you follow all of the guidelines on the sheet in order to complete it in as much detail as possible.

GCSE PEP Page 4: Components of health related exercise.

Components of Health Related Exercise.
For this sheet, you firstly need to define all 5 components of HRE. You then need to discuss their importance in your main sport. Talk about whether or not that component of fitness is important in sport and why. If you really want to show off, talk about whether or not that component of fitness is important in your position in your sport, e.g. centre in netball, prop in rugby.

gcse pep page 5: components of skill related fitness.

Components of Skill Related Fitness.
This sheet is exactly the same as page 4, however, this time you need to define the 5 components of SRF and then discuss their relative importance in your main sport. Remember! You do not need all components of fitness for every sport, therefore if speed is not important in your sport, say it isn't important, but explain why.

gcse pep page 6: physical activity readiness questionnaire (parq).

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ).
This is the type of questionnaire that you might have to complete if you joined a new club or gym. It is important that coaches and club organisers know if new players/athletes have health conditions or injuries so that they know what is an appropriate level of exercise for them to participate in. 
Answer the questions by deleting YES or NO. If you answer YES to any questions, give more details at the bottom.

GCSE PEP PAge 7: assessing fitness levels

Assessing Fitness Levels.
You need to know how to test all 11 components of fitness. For this sheet, you need to write in which component of fitness is being tested, and then explain the perfect way to complete the test (this is called the protocol.)

gcse pep page 8: fitness test results.

Fitness Test Results.
In your practical lessons, you are going to complete a range of different tests in order to get a good overall fitness profile. Once you have completed all of the different tests, you need to complete this page by entering all of your test results, both before and after your sequence of training sessions.

gcse pep page 9: SIGNIFICANT fitness tests.

Significant Fitness Tests.
Now that you have completed all of the fitness tests, you need to decide which are the most significant tests for the component of fitness you are trying to improve. For example, if you are improving agility, then the Illinois Agility Run is the most significant. You also need to explain why the tests are important and also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each test.

gcse pep page 10 and 11: training methods.

gcse pep page 12: smart targets.

SMART Targets.
Now that you know which component of fitness you are going to improve and how you are going to improve it, you need to set yourself a SMART target. Make sure that you refer to your test results and that the target you set yourself is Specific, Measurable, Achievable  Realistic and Time Bound.

gcse pep page 13: principles of training.

Principles of Training.
The principles of training are the most important things to consider when training to improve fitness because they are a set of guidelines that if followed, will ensure that your training is effective and therefore your fitness will improve. It is very important that you understand how you are going to use the principles of training in your PEP and include it on this sheet.

gcse pep page 14: weekly diary sheet.

Weekly Diary Sheet.
While you are completing your six weeks of training, I want to know what exercise you are doing. Therefore you should complete this weekly diary sheet giving a brief outline of the two training sessions you have completed, as well as any other sport you take part in, including games lessons. Do not include things like walking the dog!! Also remember that you should still be using your PE logbook to provide further detail on the sessions and how you can improve.

gcse pep page 15-26: training session plans.


GCSE PEP Page 27: Conclusion.
This is the final part of your PEP and your chance to really show off everything that you have learnt over the past few weeks. This document should be an evaluation of your performance (whether you have improved or not) as well as an opportunity to add in your knowledge on the different topics that you have learnt about in the classroom. Obviously the more detail and extra bits you can add in, the better! This is the bit that the examiner will read the most carefully, so it is worth doing a good job on! Click on the link above for a checklist of what to include.

gcse pep: extra pages.

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