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Girl Child Education Short Essay

Introduction: There was a time when people thought that it was not necessary to educate girls. Now we have begun to realize that girls’ education is essential. The modern age is the age of awakening of girls. They are trying to compete with men in all spheres of life. There are many people who oppose girls’ education. They say that the proper sphere of girls is the home. So, they argue that the money spent on girl’s education is wasted. This view is wrong, because girl’s education can bring about a silent resolution in the society.

Importance of girls Education: There is several advantage of girls’ education. Grown up educated girls can play an important role in the development of their country.

They can share the burden of men in the different walk of life. When girls are well-educated, not forced to marry during childhood, they will be able serve the society as writers, educators, teachers, lawyers, doctors, administrators, politicians, scientists, and much more. They can work at banks, hospitals, government offices and large businesses. They can play an important role during war.

Education is a boon to girls in this age of economic crisis. Gone are the days of plenty and prosperity. Now-a-days it is difficult for the people of the middle class to make both ends meet. After marriage, educated girls can add to the income of their husbands. If a woman is educated, she can earn a living after the death of her husband.

Girls’ education is necessary for making the homes a happy place. A man’s life blossom he is blessed with well-educated women as wife and mother. Educated girls can brighten the future of their country by the good upbringing of their children. Education gives a woman freedom of thought. It broadens her outlook and makes her aware of her duties and responsibilities.

Education empower a grown up girl to become economically independent. They will be able to stand up for their rights. Girls have all the rights to get educated. Empowerment of girls and women is necessary to fight against the problem of gender-inequality.

Education of rural girls is equally important. The rural girls are not getting ample opportunity for education. Education of these girls would have positive impact on both economy and society.

Suggestions: Many people say that girls should not go in for degrees. They are wrong, because girls have already proved their worth in all walks of life. There is no reason why girls should not get the same kind of education as men. But they should not neglect their duties at the home. So, girls must have knowledge of domestic science and child psychology.

Conclusion: The progress of a country depends on girls’ education. So, girls’ education should be encouraged.

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In good old days it was emphasised that a woman’s place was in the kitchen. This is no longer true. Women look after their family and make better homes than men, but today they also occupy the highest offices.

They do not lag behind men in almost every singular aspect of life. Not long ago a Japanese housewife scaled the Mount Everest. Women play almost all the games and sports that men play. Women have proved today that they can do as much as men in any field, if they are given the chance, and it is evident from the fact that Indian Air Force have women officers today.

It has become necessary, therefore, to educate women just like men. There are numerous schools and colleges for girls and women in most of the cities. A large percentage of girls go to do post-graduate and professional courses; medicine and teaching particularly attract girls who are talented. Despite all these all these, women’s education is still lagging behind in India. The Government must provide special facilities to train large number of women teachers, because they have a liking for the profession. Preference must be given to women in courses like medicine, home craft and foreign languages.

In the present day Indian context, education for women is more imperative. India, for example, is trying to implement family planning through education. Much population increase occurs in illiterate families where both men and women are uneducated. Educated women can understand the need of a planned family for the happiness of the family and the country as a whole.

An educated women can have a indirect influence on the men mused Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. A women who has been trained in various things can act as a great influence on the child. Some of the best schools in our cities will tell the parents that a child’s progress in education depends as much on the parents as on the teachers.

A child learns from home, school and the environment. Hence, an educated mother has a great responsibility to educate her child properly. This is much more so in a developing nation like India.

To make India a prosperous country, every man and every woman in the nation must be educated. Women’s education is of prime importance, for they have been neglected in our country until recently. Women in India have outnumbered the men, hence they must be made literate for the all round development of the country.