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Essay Mojo's Core Values

Essay Mojo is focused on...Helping You Achieve More

With increasing competition and several companies charging ridiculously high prices for academic research writing, Essay Mojo is one of a kind when it comes to being fair and providing quality content to its ever increasing customers.

Since we have the advantage of having our own in house writers, we are able to offer the best prices for our academic research writing work. We not only have in house research writers to craft that original content for you but we also have our highly trained quality assurance executives who review and monitor every single page before it's sent out.Moreover, we are so keen to your success that we have developed an entire training and development department consists of highly skilled individuals who continuously work on finding out what the needs of today's students are and how they can be fulfilled in the most cost effective manner. Our training & development managers regularly conduct training sessions for our research writers and quality assurance executives.

Best Prices and Quality

After studying the market for months, we have managed to design a pricing plan which is easy on your pocket and you would not need to look for installment plans! (*research shows that some companies are even charging up to £85 per page which leaves students with no choice but to either opt for their ridiculous installment plans or choose a poor service provider!)

However, we do realise that some students might not be able to pay in advance; therefore we have developed a Chapter by Chapter delivery system where you pay only for a specific chapter -or- number of pages and upon receiving you can have all the time you need to review and be completely satisfied with your paper. Once you decide to continue with your paper, you can simply request a continuation from where you left. No time limits! No Catch! No Hidden Charges!

Our Unique Advantage

Management at Essay Mojo has the unique advantage of having more than 10 years of experience in providing research based academic content writing services both offline and online. We truly understand the academic content writing arena and over the years have developed ourselves in various aspects; such as training and development, quality assurance, research, internet marketing, customer care and various web technologies to ensure that we cater to our clients' unique needs with clear focus! Review

Total5.7/10 Review and Discount

Essay Mojo is another essay writing site that promises to do all work for you and write an original essay that satisfies all your needs. The site is full of self-advertising that I found a bit tiring to read, so I only checked how it all worked and got to the prices section.

Price Policy

Their prices are quite average. There was a kind of ‘limited offer’ on their site and a first class paper cost £14.95 per page, while 2:2 standard was £9.95. For urgent orders the price increases dramatically and is over £20. Luckily, my book review wasn’t urgent, and cost me £47.80.

Order details

I was also disappointed that I haven’t found a single word about their writers’ background and their degree. Of course, everyone claims to have Masters and PhD writers, but how about the proof? My deadline was 4 days. A book review is a simple type of work, so I expected to have any problems with it.

Quality of writing and support

I was a bit anxious about the progress, so I asked them via chat and phone several times about my essay, and was always answered something like “the writer is now working and we’ll deliver the paper as soon as possible”. I expected them to be more concrete! I also asked the writer to send the draft of what he has done so far, but they answered that if I wanted to get a draft, I should have paid for it. I think sending the half of the paper is not difficult for the writer and wondered why they refused to do so.


I stopped worrying only after the paper was delivered to my inbox. I checked it and noticed that it didn’t need any improvements. I cannot say I was happy about it, as in some moments it was easy to notice that the paper was written by a British writer. However, the major disadvantage was the attitude to me as a client, and this is the reason I will never get back to them again. I checked some feedback here and see that is loved by everyone, so maybe I’ll try them next time.