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Civil Service India Subject Essay Contest 2016

IAS Mains Important Essay Topics

India’s poor ranking in Environmental Performance Index 2018 & Impact

Jan 25, 2018

India has the world’s largest population without access to modern energy services. Over 800 million people rely on traditional biomass for cooking. As per the most recent data available, 75% of the rural population depend on solid fuels for cooking and heating in India. This is surely a cause of concern.

Cleaning of River Ganga: Programmes & Achievements

Dec 27, 2017

Rapidly increasing population, rising standards of living and exponential growth of industrialization and urbanization has exposed water resources, in general, and rivers, in particular, to various forms of degradation. The mighty Ganga is no exception.

IAS Exam Essay 2017:Relevance of Non-Alignment Movement (NAM)

Nov 8, 2017

The countries of the Non-Aligned Movement represent nearly two-thirds of the United Nations' members and contain 55% of the world population. But the relevance of NAM is diluting as the world is becoming multipolar and geoeconomic interests are overpowering the geostrategic interests. Here, we are providing an outline of the relevance of NAM in today's multipolar world as asked recently in the IAS Exam Essay paper 2017.

IAS Exam: India against Terrorism

Nov 19, 2016

Terrorism has become a global issue which causing hindrance for the existence of humanity on earth. The IAS aspirants must have the knowledge of India’s stand against the menace of terrorism. Here, we have provided India’s approach to deal with the problem of terrorism within its territory and outside of its territory.

IAS Exam: Environmental Concern is changing the course of International Politics

Nov 15, 2016

Ecological Footprint and the Carrying Capacity became the buzzwords in the International Politics since 1992. The International Politics is moving towards the consensus to achieve the Environmental goals spelt out in the UNFCC in 1992. Let us analyse, how the Environmental Concerns is shaping the world Politics.

IAS Main Exam : Energy Security in India

Nov 4, 2016

Energy security is the prerequisite for any nation to become a super power. In India we don’t have the Energy security but in near future we will be having energy surplus nation. See here the real analysis for the Energy Security Initiative taken by GOI

Current Affairs Analysis : Geospatial Information Regulation Bill

Aug 29, 2016

Current Affairs is the key for the IAS Preparation and it is well established after the IAS Prelims Exam. But as we said earlier also, Its the Current Affairs background and Analysis which help in the IAS Main Exam and it is the imperative for the IAS Prepration. In recent years, the nature of questions asked in UPSC IAS Mains as well as Prelims Exam has changed significantly. Please read this important current affairs analysis of the Geospatial Information Regulation Bill

IAS Exam : Agriculture Marketing in India

Jun 23, 2016

Agriculture is the main stay of the Indian Economy and their are various Government Schemes which are trying to minimise the burden of the Indian Farmers. Agriculture is also a very important topic for the IAS Exam. This article is all about the Agriculture Marketing in India and the APMC ACT.

UPSC IAS Exam : Drought in India

Jun 21, 2016

Indian Economy is very much depends on the interaction of Monsoon and Drought. Each year Monsoon and its predictions are done and strategies are suggested to mitigate the drought in India. Here are the comprehensive approach to understand the drought in India

UPSC IAS Exam: Cooperative federalism in India

May 6, 2016

IAS Preparation always requires a good understanding of UPSC Syllabus as a whole which comprises of Indian Polity, Indian Economy, Geography as a whole and Geography of India as a whole and the other Topics of Socio- Economic importance. Cooperative Federalism is one such important Topic for the Civil Services

UPSC IAS Exam: Animal Husbandry in India

May 6, 2016

A Civil Services aspirant should try his/her best to prepare every burning topics of National and International importance for the UPSC IAS Exam. There is huge possibility of asking questions from such topics in Civil Services IAS Prelims as well as in IAS Mains Exams. So, in a regular interval, we are trying to provide such study materials which are more informative and very much helpful for the Preparation of Essay and General Studies Papers of UPSC IAS Mains Exam.

UPSC IAS EXAM : Nuclear Security Summit

Apr 20, 2016

IAS Exam always ask the question on the issue of National and International Importance. Nuclear Security Summit was one such issue which will change and affect the interaction of Nuclear for Peaceful purpose among the countries.

IAS Exam:Religious Liberty and Women Rights

Apr 19, 2016

IAS Exam preparation serves as a turning point in the candidates life irrespective of his or her selection inthe Civil Services. IAS Preparation changes the life of the candidates his perspective and the outlook towards life. Rights,Lberty and Duties are the intertwined concepts and requires deeper understanding of their inter-relationship of all the three.

IAS Exam:Gram Uday Se Bharat Uday Abhiyan

Apr 18, 2016

Gram Uday Se Bharat Uday Abhiyan will be a flagship program of the Government of India to propagate the information regarding the vaious goverment schemes for the farmers in the villages.

IAS Exam : Fourth Industrial Revolution: Impact and Implication

Apr 18, 2016

Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it is, how to respond, has three things about the ongoing transformation and advancement mark it out as a new phase rather than a prolongation of the current revolution Scope, Velocity and Systems impact.

UPSC Essay Writing Contest

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  1. To participate in the Contest, fill in the details below and upload your Essay Document.
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  9. BYJU’s students participating in the Essay Contest should mention their registered mobile number so that we can provide individualized feedback on the essays.
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Essay Topic: August 02-17 (LAST DATE: September 09 midnight)

“Law barks at all, but bites only the underprivileged”

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Essay Topic: August 15-31 (LAST DATE: August 20 midnight)

25 Years since 1991 Economic Reforms: How has India’s landscape changed? 

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