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WSAJ Scholarships

Bar Review & Scholarships for High School Seniors

Bar Review Scholarships

Deadline: Friday, November 17, 2017

Women of WSAJ Bar Preparation Scholarship

WOW Bar Prep Scholarship Application
In 1993, the Women of WSAJ (WOW) section was established to encourage female-identifying members to exchange ideas and create mentorship relationships with  other female attorneys to further the mission of WSAJ. To support aspiring female-identifying plantiff's attorneys, WOW provides women law school graduates and APR 6 law clerk graduates with scholarships to help defray the costs of bar review courses. 

Recipients of the WOW Bar Preparation Scholarship

2017 Alea Carr - Seattle University
2017 Colleen Mriglot - Seattle University
2017 Shelby Winters - Gonzaga

 Past Recipients

2015 Lauren Berkowitz - University of Washington
2015 Sarah Campbell - Lewis & Clark
2015 Meaghan Driscoll - Gonzaga University
2015 Maureen Johnston - University of Washington
2014 Annalise Scobey - New England Law
2014 Kathleen Shircliff - Gonzaga
2014 Makenzi Kaitlin Weymer - Gonzaga University
2014 Amanda Peters - Seattle University
2013 Courtney Skiles - University of Washington
2013 Allison Ross - Seattle University
2013 Caitlin O'Brien - Gonzaga University
2013 Cynthia Chu - Seattle University
2012 Alice Serko - University of Washington
2012 Stacie Naczelnik - Seattle University
2012 Colleen Durkin -Gonzaga University
2011 Nicole Williams - Rule 6 Law Clerk Program
2011 Maribel Martinez – Seattle University
2011 Maki Imakura – Seattle University
2011 Melissa Clune – University of Washington
2010 Kelly Szymborski – Seattle University
2010 Brittani Stewart - Gonzaga
2010 Amalachi Okoro - Seattle University
2010 Kristal McCollum - Gonzaga
2010 Rachel Hamar - University of Washington


Diversity Bar Preparation Scholarship

Diversity Bar Prep Scholarship Application
WSAJ is committed to implementing strategies that will result in significant and measurable progress towards increasing diversity in the plaintiff's bar. To help achieve this endeavor, WSAJ has pledged scholarship monies to assist diverse individuals in covering the tuition cost of a Themis bar preparation course. Diversity refers to individuals who self-identify with those groups historically discriminated against and/or those groups that are historically under-represented in the legal profession based on disability, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Recipients of the WSAJ Diversity Bar Preparation Scholarship

2017 Prinka Bedi - Seattle University 
2017 Elisabeth Guard - Seattle University
2017 Morgan Maxey - Gonzaga

 Past Recipients

2015 Nikkita Oliver - University of Washington

2015 William Crawford-Heim - Gonzaga University
2014 Michele Suarez - University of Washington
2014 Chelsey Heindel - University of Washington
2014 Edwardo Morfin - Seattle University
2013 Ryan Castle - Seattle University
2013 Cynthia Delostrinos - Seattle University
2013 Keilonne O'Brien - Seattle University
2013 Maria Velasquez - University of Idaho College of Law
2012 Jamal Armizade - Seattle University
2012 Artemio Gutierrez - Seattle University
2012 Joyce Jeng - Seattle University
2012 Raam Wong - University of Washington
2011 Silke Anderson – University of Washington
2011 Maria Bocanegra – Seattle University
2011 Amber Greaves – Seattle University
2011 Krystal Pflug – Seattle University
2011 Morgan Powell – Seattle University
2010 Cindy Mintz - University of Washington
2010 La Rond Baker - University of Washington
2010 Bryan A. Olsen - Seattle University
2010 Kagnar Som - Seattle University
2010 Kimberly Williams – Gonzaga


NEW! - LGBTQ Bar Preparation Scholarship

LGBTQ Bar Prep Scholarship Application
In December of 2016, WSAJ created its LGBTQ section, a group open to all WSAJ members to focus on LGBTQ issues in the law, as well as to provide a safe, open and honest environment for LGBTQ members to discuss and confront issues that arise in their day-to-day practices and legal communities. To support aspiring plaintiff’s attorneys from the LGBTQ community, the section raises funds from its membership to provide scholarships to help defray the costs of a Themis bar review course to law school graduates and APR 6 law clerk graduates who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or otherwise self-identify as a part of the queer community.

Scholarships for High School Seniors

DEADLINE: March 1, 2018
As part of WSAJ’s commitment to foster an awareness and understanding of the important role that the civil justice system plays in our society, the Washington State Association for Justice sponsors two scholarship programs for high school seniors in Washington state. 
If you have questions about either scholarship program, please contact WSAJ.

2018 WSAJ Past Presidents' Scholarship (Application)
First awarded in 1991, the WSAJ President's Scholarship was established to support and encourage the efforts of high school students who have overcome obstacles to achieve academically and socially. Past recipients have included cancer survivors, auto accident victims and teenagers with physical challenges. Competition for the scholarship has increased each year.

Recipients of the WSAJ Past Presidents’ Scholarship

2017 Suneela Schneider - Thomas Jefferson High School - Federal Way

 Past Recipients

2016 Cameron Holt - Prosser High School - Prosser
2016 Kari Jakobsen - Glacier Peak High School -  Snohomish
2015 Chrysthel Rhose Songco - Bremerton High School - Bremerton
2015 Mackenzie Geer - Montesano High School - Montesano
2014 Madisson Dashiell - Colville High School - Colville
2013 Sandra Monge Sibrian - Spanaway Lake High School - Spanaway
2013 William Zachary Zingelman - Shelton High School - Shelton
2012 Cynthia Matlock - Wenatchee High School
2012 Jacob Thacker-McClain - Legacy High School - Vancouver
2010 Kristin Cook - La Conner, La Conner High School
2010 Elizabeth Shiner - Ocean Shores, North Beach High School
2009 Natalie Bollen - Grayland, Ocosta High School
2008 Lauren Herring - Port Angeles, Port Angeles High School
2008 Yekaterina Klepanchuk - Kamiak High School
2007 Emily Beschen - Bellingham
2007 Carl Buher - Mount Vernon
2007 Christine Mars - South Bend
2006 Kelsey Boyce - Arlington High School
2006 David Shields - Squalicum High School
2006 Mahlet Zeru - Global Connections Program, Tyee High School
2005 Genevieve Tietjen - Central Washington University
2004 Lu Jiang – University of Washington
2003 Ruben and Elijah Burbank - University of Washington
2002 Charissa Monson - Eastern Washington University
2001 Seth Nuckolls - Seattle Pacific University
2000 Jennifer Montzingo - Seattle Pacific University
1999 Rachel Braun - Western Washington University
1998 Jamie Lynch - Western Washington University
1997 Jill Nelson - Pacific Lutheran University
1996 Roseanna May Hurst - University of Washington
1995 Roseanna May Hurst - University of Washington
1994 Susan Shu-Wei Liu - Seattle University
1994 Laura Lee Arnold - Seattle University
1993 Anna-Tran Thi Nguyen - Seattle University
1992 Cyndee Northrop - Eastern Washington University
1991 Tiffany Bangs - Cornell University


2018 American Justice Video & Essay Scholarship Program (Application)
Applicants will be asked to produce an essay or video with a short summary. Two recipients are chosen in each category. Each year a new topic is chosen, based on WSAJ’s mission statement, dealing with advocacy in the American justice system, and related issues.

Recipients of the American Justice Scholarship

2017 Ankitha Doddanari Nalin Kumar - Bothell
2017 Mitchell Leon - Washougal

 Past Recipients

2016 Jenna Cullens - Interlake High School - Bellevue
2016 Olga Andreeva - Issaquah High School - Issaquah
2015 Geana Javier - Shadle Park High School - Spokane
2015 Karlee Orvik - Shadle Park High School - Spokane
2014 Hunter Boersema - Nooksack Valley High School - Everson
2013 Emily Henderson - North Thurston High School - Olympia
2013 Julia Ellings - Bellevue High School - Bellevue
2012 Marta Grzankowski - River Ridge High School - Olympia
2012 Simone Prince-Eichner - Prince HomeSchool - Lummi Island
2010 Presley Jenkins - Mt. Lake Terrace - Mt. Lake Terrace High School
2010 Ashley Reithmayr - Kennewick - Kennewick High School
2009 Milan Beard - Edmonds-Woodway High School
2009 Emily Wallen - Capital High School - Olympia
2009 Anthony Tordillos - Auburn Riverside High School
2008 Mariah Bell-Stuart - W.F. West High School
2008 Carment Tubbesing - Redmond High School
2008 Lisa Herzog - W.F. West High School
2007 Sean Hoffman - Spokane
2007 Alyssa Lotze-Knudsen - Spokane
2003 Melinda Ray- High School Division (Puyallup High School)
2003 Jerome McCuin - College Division (Seattle Central Community College)
2003 Rebecca Povarchuk - Law School Division (University of Washington Sch. of Law)
2002 Andrew M. Bailey - High School Division (Washington Homeschool High School)
2002 Daniel Psaris - College Division (Tacoma Community College)
2002 Steven Shaw - Law School Division (Seattle University School of Law)
2001 Joey Parker - High School Division (Rogers High School, Spanaway)
2001  Philip Musegaas - College Division (University of Washington)
2001 Sheila Heidmiller - Law School Division (Seattle University School of Law)


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