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Patent Attorney Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Gordon

I was pumped to see the Monster post you placed for a Patent Attorney. I have been one for over a decade as you will see after reviewing my resume. I submit my resume knowing you will see how I hold the talent and education you need to protect your best interests when it comes to your proprietary properties.

Over my career I have overseen or actively participated in identifying and clearing thousands of client and employee inventions. I work closely with engineers and researchers to investigate inventions to avoid litigation. I have maintained solid relationships that have been beneficial in the counsel of non-infringement and invalidity circumstances.

With 10-plus years as a patent attorney I have unparalleled knowledge of patent law the courts and how to minimise risk on worldwide patents. From reviewing EPO opposition to doing thorough research and searches on patentability you can expect strong and competent strategies and defences. I will use my skill to minimise licensing royalties and ensure both national and international patent laws are adhered to to your advantage.

Can we get together for an interview at your earliest convenience? While I know my resume is convincing I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss in detail why I ought to be your next patent attorney.

Best regards

Kevin Brennan

Patent Attorney Cover Letter

Patent attorneys assist inventors and businesses obtain patents and trademarks to protect their intellectual property rights. They are specialist professionals in the field of copyright law and design rights. The responsibilities of Patent Attorneys include writing up patent drafts and compiling persuasive technical arguments to support their clients’ claims, renew and enforce patents as well as provide the legal groundwork required in the sale or transfer of patents. As Patent Attorneys work with people in different professional fields, they are required to be excellent communicators and portray sound technical and relevant scientific knowledge. Patent Attorneys are required to keep update on changes implemented in intellectual property law.

Prospective employers look for some common key skills in candidates applying for Patent Attorney positions. Highly sought-after attributes and proficiencies include:

  • Thorough attention to detail.
  • Analytical skills
  • Law school graduate
  • IT skills
  • Communication skills

Use the Patent Attorney cover letter below as a guide for crafting your own.

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Dear Ms. Erinson,

Please accept my application for the Patent Attorney position that has become available at Crawford and Shaples. I completed a Graduates Degree in Law at Florida State University College of Law and passed the Patent Bar Certification Exam. In addition to my strong qualification credentials, I have three years of valuable experience as a Patent Attorney at Vital Patents PLLC. I have extensive knowledge of patent court laws, and my excellent communication skills have served the company I worked for as well as my clients well.

As a Patent Attorney at Vital Patents PLLC, I was tasked with advising clients on corporate and intellectual property issues, led contract negotiations to buy licensed products, prepared license agreements, contributed to the patent and trademark process by drafting motions and pleadings and conducted patentability evaluations. I have been successful in all my roles thanks to my exceptional analytical skills and acute attention to detail.

My summarized list of accomplishments appears below:

  • Negotiated more than a hundred CRADA agreements and wrote waivers for IP Rights
  • Arranged and took necessary legal action in patent applications in a multitude of technologies such as software algorithms, image processing, and optics
  • Prosecuted chemical and mechanical patent applications, domestic and foreign.
  • Contributed in the analysis of patentability opinions
  • Participated and prepared technology transfer agreements, as well as license agreements, confidentiality agreements, and software agreements

I have the motivation and dedication to make a success of the Patent Attorney position at Crawford and Shaples. I am a conscientious worker and am meticulous in paying attention to details. I would be delighted to discuss in person with you at your convenience my suitability for this position.

April McCall