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Under Armour Case Study Mcgraw Hill


Lindstrom 3(Kerin, Hartley, & Rudelius, 2011). These simple words are written on a whiteboard in Plank¶soffice, and Plank says that ³every morning when I arrive in my office and every evening before Ileave I look at those words´ (Big Think, 2008). Stevens says that absolutely everything Under Armor does²from advertising to marketing to selecting players to endorse their products to providing customer service²is executed in a way that aligns with their keys to greatness.Toward this end, Plank has structured the company in a way that encourages a sports-themed team atmosphere. By hiring only the best and brightest people possible, Plank built agreat team across the width and breadth of the company, from the receptionist to the sales teamto customer service (Kerin, Hartley, & Rudelius, 2011). The sports theme permeates everyaspect of the company. For example, meetings are called ³huddles,´ and at the end of a meeting,rather than asking what the action items are, a ³play is called´ (Kerin, Hartley, & Rudelius,2011).

 A Georges St. Pierre t-shirt made from Under Armor fabric and bearing the popular slogan³Protect This House.´

Under Armour Case Study

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Case Study: Under Armour

1. How strong are the competitive forces confronting Under Armour, Nike, and The adidas Group? Do a five- forces analysis to support your answer. 

The analysis of the Porters five forces are very important to business entities. Based on the analysis a business can evaluate their current position and positions that they plan to progress towards as it relates to the industry they are operating in.

The following is my five forces analysis of the competitive forces confronting the companies that operate in the industry that Under Amour, Nike and Adidas operate in.

Competitive Rivalry:
There are many companies in the sports apparel, footwear and accessories industry, such as Nike, Adidas, Puma,…show more content…

Therefore it makes it hard for companies like Nike, Adidas and Under Amour etc. to be able to have power over the customers. If a buyer is dissatisfied with any company in the industry; that buyer can easily switch to another company to acquire the products that they need.

Threat of Substitution:
The threat of substitutes in this industry is high in my opinion. I say this because there are so many companies in the industry that have varying sports apparel, footwear and accessories. Customers can easily substitute one product by using another similar product of another company.

At first I thought that Under Armor would be an exception to this but then I realized that they don’t have exclusive deals with the manufacturers that they acquire their fabrics from to make their products. Therefore if one of its rivals ever wanted to they could possible acquire some of the innovative fabric that Under Armour uses and then use the fabric you produce similar products.

Threat of New Entry
In my opinion the threat to new entry into this industry is low. I say it is low because it will require a high amount of capital in order to get established in the industry. Furthermore it takes a lot of resources, innovation, financing and marketing in order to maintain your company so it cab be able to compete with the juggernauts of the industry. The knowledge of this would deter many companies from trying to enter the industry. Thus diminishing

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