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Hospitality Industry Essay Topics


Option A

 Research Paper

An Issue within the Hospitality Industry

 Research your chosen area and include a bibliography and references.  Your paper should be based on research, not your opinion.  Information must be obtained from a variety of resources such as books, periodicals, pamphlets and on line resources.  The report must be typed, at least 7 pages long. The issue must directly relate to the hospitality industry. All topics are must be approved by the instructors.


Topic Ideas

Topics below are only suggestions.

Tip reporting and the IRS

The DWI Issue in the foodservice industry

Bed and Breakfast Inns

Labor shortages in the hospitality industry

Nutrition and the foodservice industry

Unions in the hospitality industry

Institutional foodservice

Tourism in Connecticut

School lunch programs

Effect of fast food on the public

Going green in foodservice

Employment of the disabled in hospitality

Restaurant or hotel failure rates

Menu design

Marketing in foodservice or lodging

Franchising in the hospitality industry

Sustainability and green concepts

Restaurant failure rates

ADA issues

Hospitality planning and design

Casinos in Connecticut

New developments in foods (irradiation, farming practices, genetically engineered foods

Sanitation controversy, government oversight in safe food supply

In-depth corporation report,  ie. McDonalds, Applebee’s, Subway, Marriott, Hilton


Option A Details 


LENGTH: 7 pages (not including bibliography, title page and exhibits)



At least 5 reference items in bibliography.

At least 2 parenthetical notations



Term paper rules must be followed                                                                    

Use of white paper

Type on one side only 

 One inch margins

 Proper grammar

Correct spelling

12 sizefont 

Double spaced 



 Select a topic. It should be on an issue or area of the Hospitality Industry. Define it and refine it. Turn it into the title for your paper. 

EXAMPLE: Nutrition in Foodservice.

    • Begin research. Use the MCC library, it is one of the most comprehensive Hospitality related collection in the state. Use MCC Hospitality related books and the data base for the Hospitality Industry.  Use the librarians, they want to help you.
    • Locate the issues of periodicals for which you have references.

Make your bibliography reasonably authoritative, a few references from popular magazines are acceptable, but an entire bibliography built on Gourmet, Good housekeeping, etc., is not acceptable

    • Begin reading and note-taking and pay special attention to the topic you are seeking to research. Write a rough outline and then a rough draft. Rethink and rewrite. What have you found out about the topic with which you began?  Introduce your topic in the introduction and outline your approachin the early part of the paper.
    • This is a research paper your opinion is NOT acceptable here.  Your information should only be from authorities on the subject.  Whenever possible you should present opposing viewpoints, both sides of the story.

Title page, (paper title, your name, HSP 100, date)

Introduction to the Topic

Body of Research with parenthetical Notations



 For information in setting up parenthetical notations and bibliographical items, use the sheets provided by the library or any other acceptable format.  Try for an easy solution.

    • Be sure your bibliographical items are exact and complete.

BEWARE OF PLAGIARISIM.     Use quotation marks appropriately and give exact references. If I feel you copied or have leaned too heavily on your resources, I will either reject the paper totally.

Option B


Book Report and Analysis


Choice of One Novel Having Hospitality Management Errors


Book Choices

Lessons in Excellence by Charlie Trotter

Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain

Setting the Table by Danny Meyer


Your paper should be based on the novel.  Read the Novel, Identify issues and concerns in the novel and research management theories that could be applied as solutions.  Your opinion may be given as it applies to the comparison of the theory and the novel.  Information may be obtained from books, periodicals and on line resources. You must include a bibliography.  The report must be typed, double spaced and at least 7 pages long.

Option B Details


LENGTH: 7 pages (not including bibliography, Title page and exhibits)



 One novel (above)                                      

At least 4 reference items in bibliography. 

At least 2 parenthetical notations                      



Term paper rules must be followed

Use of white paper

Type on one side only

One inch margins

Proper grammar

Correct spelling 

12 size font




1. Begin by reading the whole novel by the due date

2. Thefirst third of the paper should be a summary of the novel. Be detailed, especially concerning the areaswhere you see potential management conflicts or areas where you can discuss theory. The description should be detailed enough so that someone who did not read the book could follow the story line.

3. The majority of the paper should discuss management theory and other principles of hospitality management that you have found in your research.   Locate reference books that present theory related to the problems the characters encountered in your novel   Use the MCC library, it is one of the most comprehensive Hospitality related collection in the state. Use MCC Hospitality related books and the data base for the Hospitality Industry.  Use the librarians, they want to help you.  Discuss those aspects of management as they relate to the specific problems that were encountered in the book.

4. The end of the paper should be a summary and analysis. Here is where you are able to state your opinion as it applied to the theory and the novel.

5.   Write a rough outline and then a roughdraft. Rethink and rewrite. What have you found out about the topic with which you began?  Introduce the book, and outline your approach in the early part of the paper. Put the first two parts together and then analyze the findings. Develop ideas about hiring problems, interpersonal relationships with management, security conflicts, guest relationsfinance, and general problems of the management.

6.   Format 

Title page, (paper title, your name, HSP 100, date)

Summary of the Novel

Theory as Related to the Novel  with parenthetical Notations

Conclusion and Analysis


7. For information in setting up parenthetical notations and bibliographical items,use the sheets provided by the library or any other acceptable format.  Try for an easy solution.

8. Be sure your bibliographical items are exact and complete.  BEWARE OF PLAGIARISM. You must use quotation marks appropriate and give exact references. If I feel you copied or have leaned too heavily on your resources, I will either reject the paper totally.

Research Grading Sheet                                           Name:            


Must be included with term paper.  Automatic 10 point deduction if this sheet is not included.


Drafting Process:

   Attends Library Session:                                Initials_____________


   Submits Topic due_____                                Initials  _____________


   Submits Notes due _____                               Initials _____________


   Eligible Points: 10                                                                  Points Received______



·         Establishes the thesis (What you are trying to prove).

·         Provides background on the subject matter.

Eligible Points: 15                                                                  Points Received______



·         Total of 7 pages following term paper rules as outlined

·         Points which support the thesis.

·         Sentences that guide the reader from one supporting point to the next.

·         Points are logically organized. 

Eligible Points: 40                                                                  Points Received_______



·         Summary and analysis.

·         State your opinion and include personal experiences as they relate to the topic

Eligible Points: 15                                                                  Points Received_______



·         Evidence from research is summarized, paraphrased or quoted as appropriate.

·         Parenthetical references are included with the text.

·         Works cited page is present at the end of the paper.

Eligible Points:10                                                                               Points Received________



·         Each point stated as directly as possible.

·         Each point stated in a grammatically correct sentences. (i.e commas, periods, quotations)

·         Each point stated in formal not informal or conversational language

·         No spelling errors or typographical errors.

Eligible Points:10                                                                               Points Received________



                                                                                                Total Points Earned:_______

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The Food and Hospitality Industry has become one of the biggest employers in our state. It now has attained a much higher status in society and demands high standards of work from its employees. Employment opportunities are many, but eagerly sought by a vast majority of people. For this reason as in any other established business, interviews are conducted. Through these interviews, the interviewer looks for personal qualities and interpersonal skills in a prospective employee to fulfill the job requirements. One of the most important things that an employer looks for are personal qualities.

These consist of: a keen attitude, a friendly disposition, neat appearance, a willingness to work, confidence, cleanliness, personal hygiene, deportment (efficient) and honesty, among the many others. Interpersonal skills basically include the ability to interact with people and using initiative to deal with problems which may arise if the customer is not satisfied. If interpersonal and personal skills are exercised then they will greatly contribute to a happy and successfully working environment. This can be accomplished by remembering to keep in mind the fundamental aspect of any catering establishment which is to "Always acknowledge that the customers are the most important people in the business, and nothing is more important than serving them. " - An introduction to catering. Due to the fact that a large amount of job satisfaction can be found in the food and hospitality industry, jobs are very often sought after. Many who wish to enter the industry usually do so by gaining a apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships in the hospitality industry usually last between 2. 5 years to 4 years. These apprenticeships mainly consist of 'on the job training', combined with full time practical work experience, along with future training at TAFE. Apprenticeships are usually categorized into: bread making and baking, butchering and small goods making, cooking, pastry cooking and waiting. To gain a apprenticeship today in South Australia a person needs to be at least 15 years old. Also the applicant is required to have at least reached year 10, and to have a good grounding in basic mathematics.

Apprenticeships are administered by the state government and before applying for one it is recommended that one registers their interest with a job centre. When a employer takes on a apprentice, there is a probationary period of three months before the contract is signed, this ensures that the employer will permit the apprentice to take time off to attend classes. Many people belief that apprenticeships and traineeships are the same, however the two do differ some what, for example: The Federal Government have administer traineeships, which last for a minimum of a year, and consists of 13 weeks in off the job training and 39 weeks in employment. Unlike a apprenticeship the minimum age for a traineeship is 16 - 19 years old. On completion of the traineeship, trainees are awarded an Australian Traineeship which provided's nationwide industry recognition. The certificate also enables the trainee to qualify for further education and training.

In 1927 the ACTU came into action for almost all Australian industries. The ACTU provides greater individual negotiation between worker and employer. The trade movement in Australia has provided its members worker collective power to improve their rights and working conditions. Its these trade unions which have had a major impact in the development of industrial law and industrial relation. The main hospitality industry union is the Australian Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous workers union, which has about 250 000 members.

Australian trade unionism is characterized by a system of regulation of industrial relations. The Australian trade union in the pass few years has provided its members with collective power to improve their rights and working conditions. It is these trade unions which have played a major role in the development of industrial law and industrial relations. Unions need to be registered and have rules for their activities. Union members pay membership fees. Trade unions maintain contact with their members through a network of workplace representatives.

The union representative can discuss members complaints with the employer. The union also provides legal assistance, and keeps them informed in workplace health and safety issues. Legislation's is laws which have been passed by the Federal and State Government to control conflicts which may arise in the work place. An example of this is the industrial relations act which creates the Australian industrial relations commission (the IRC) The IRC deals with industrial disputes and approving settlements. This usually results in the creation of variation of awards and agreements.

Before a legislation is pass it must first go thorough both houses of parliament. Rules are sets of principals and guidelines for a legislation. It is the awards and agreements in the Hospitality Industry which set the legal minimum wages and working conditions for specified occupations. Awards outline: the minimum wage to be paid for the job, the maximum hours to be worked, public holidays and sick leave rights, superannuation rights, the length of notice to be given, and any payments to be made when the employee is retrenched. These awards and agreements are set by the Government and in no way can be negotiated. They can however be negotiated in awards such as the Hotels, Resorts and Hospitality Industry Award, in regards that over award payments can be negotiated by any employee.

Union officials and Government inspectors are enable to examine time and wages records to ensure that employees are being paid correctly. State awards cover employees of hotel, motels and casinos in the parts of Australia that don't fall under the Federal Hotels Awards. As a result of the awards employees have a obligation to: Follow all reasonable commands that relate to their employment, to perform there jobs in a competent manner, work at a reasonable standard of competence, preserve confidentiality and to work the hours agreed in accordance with awards or agreements. Where as Employers have a obligation to: Pay for work performed, pay full wages when the employee is ill, pay for any loss or injury to a third party caused by an employee's action at work, observe statutory obligations, provide suitable amenities, provide work appropriate to the employee's skill and to provide a safe, hygienic workplace. Enterprise bargaining was introduced through a new legislation in 1991 which provides employers and employees with the opportunity to enter individual enterprise agreements. Where a agreement cannot be reached the relevant award continues to apply.

However there are a few restrictions such as: The hourly rate of pay for ordinary time can't be under the level set by the award, the agreement cant stipulate more than 40 hours of work per week and it has to provide a minimum sick leave period on full pay each year. Also the Annual Holiday Act of 1994 and the Long Service Leave Acts and the Employment Protection Acts of 1983 need to be complied with. A few acts and regulations are: Commonwealth industrial Relations Act 1988, and the Industrial and employee relations act 1994 As regards to opportunities for career development an training, employees have to undergo training to qualify for increased wages and access to career paths. It is essential, especially in the hospitality industry that all employees are multi-skilled.

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