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The Evolution Of Group Analysis Essay

Group Analysis Essay

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Introduction An important part of our learning and growing experience must stem from our ability to analyze and reflect upon the groups that we have been members in. This reflection can define our understanding of the weaknesses both in ourselves and in the others within our group; and it can help to shape the way that we act in future groups. Adjusting ourselves to compensate for our weaknesses, based upon an honest and thorough examination of our actions within a group setting, is one of most important thing for any person to do. It is only through this evaluation that we can improve ourselves and our interactions with others. This paper will examine a group that was required to make an important decision about adding a new member…show more content…

The discussions broke the team members into two distinct groups. The debate that was held about the two candidates revolved main around the values that each member held to be more desirable; friendliness and experience versus reliability and knowledge. The first group argued that the friendlier candidate would be a better fit for the position mainly because the members of that group tended to be more heavily involved in people oriented side of the organization, while the other group and the other candidate were more versed in the technical side of the organization. However, rather than this group meeting basing its agenda on the discussion of the values of the candidates, it was a series of comparison arguments in which each side attempted to argue why the other candidate would not do well in the open position. Both groups turned away from the civility required for such a group discussion to be rational and productive, and instead adopted a hostile approach. Group member cohesiveness was absent from the group meeting for several reasons, but the primary reasons were due to the fact that the group members did not have a common description of value or structure to the discussion. Each member viewed their own area of involvement within the organization as being more valuable than any other area, and it was this exclusion of other valuable traits that lead the group to begin to clash in such a

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