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2 500 Words Essay On Friendship

It was past 4 ‘o’ clock by the time we arrived. I was extremely tired but excited and that’s what kept me going. Mum told me we were starting a new adventure and I really believed her.

“Come on Jake!” Mum yelled as she found the key to the bright blue door to our new house and headed inside. Things had been difficult since dad left and I was looking forward to making new friends.

“Good evening!” a voice shouted loudly. Turning quickly I spotted a boy similar height to me with curly brown hair, a pale complexion and a friendly smile, standing by the garden gate.

“Hello,” I replied, “I didn’t see you there…. I’m Jake.”

“I’m William…. William Jones. Pleased to meet you,” the boy said holding out his hand.

That first day William and I spent a most fabulous evening in the park together and I could honestly say that even though I’d just met him, it felt like I’d known him a whole lifetime. Okay his clothes were a bit old-fashioned but I didn’t care and over the weeks that followed, we formed a great friendship. I’d never felt so happy and carefree and mum was relieved that I wasn’t moping around anymore. She was keen to meet William and on several occasions asked that I invite him to tea.

“Will you come around to my house one night?” I enquired, one hot and sunny day whilst we played cricket.

William’s expression changed and a look of uncertainty crept across his face.

“I…’ve … er… …. I’m busy at the moment. Another time yeah?” William replied rather hesitantly.

I couldn’t hide my disappointment but knew from past experience that not everyone liked visiting new people’s houses. A fear of using the wrong cutlery and slopping your food was always a worry for me and on several occasions had embarrassed myself with unfortunate mishaps.

We spent the humid afternoon tossing sticks into the nearby stream and chasing each other through the colourful fields.

By early evening, the gentle breeze was giving us some relief from the heat as we took a stroll past the village green and into the graveyard.

“Do we have to go through here?” William asked, almost scared at the thought of it.

“Come on, it’ll be great fun!” I exclaimed.

The smell of apple blossom filled my nostrils as I jogged up the mossy pathway. Varying shades of grey headstones were dotted amongst the overgrown grass. One in particular drew itself to me.

Here lies William Jones aged 12
Born 13th March 1943 – Died 5th December 1955
Beloved son of Katherine and Arthur
‘You will always be with us’

A feeling of confusion came over me as I turned and looked behind for my friend. All that stood there were the trees, gently swaying to and fro, the realisation dawning on me as I sank into the dry grass, my head in my hands, my heart heavy, my friend no more.

Essay about Three Types of Friends

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There are many types of people in the world and many types of friends. Knowing that, it becomes all the more important to select the right people so that one might have the correct friends, but which types of friends are required? There are ten different types of friends that everybody should have, each fitting into one of three categories: the occasional friends, the benefactors and the greats.

The first category, the occasional friends, encompasses three friend types. The first one is the grenade. This type of friend is usually annoying and tough to be around but they serve a critical purpose. They make you look better by comparison. Slightly better than the grenade, is the jerk with the heart of gold. Like the grenade they are…show more content…

They are the people who help you get through the school or work day that you never really see anywhere else. As the name suggests, occasional friends are not the type of people one would hang out with every day.

There are only two types of friends in the benefactors. They are the giver and the loan friend. The hard to find giver is the type of friend who is always willing to pay the bill and brings presents just for the sake of bringing presents. They are indeed rarer and should not be taken for granted if found. The second kind, the loan friend, is that one friend who has everything that you would want to buy and is usually willing to lend you whatever you ask for. Benefactor friends are named for the direct benefits they provide over you.

The final, and most important, group is the greats. They consist of the most essential of all friends imaginable. The best friend is first amongst this group. They know you inside and out and are the type of person you can easily spend the whole day with everyday. Secondly is man’s best friend; the pet that will love you unconditionally in exchange for a little attention and a fresh water dish every now and then. Third is the significant other. The significant other is known by many names, most frequently called husband or wife. They are the ones you share your life with. The final type of friend in the greats is Alex Schnob. Handsome, witty, charming… what more could you want in a friend? The

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