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Does The Camera On The Iphone 5 Have A Timer For Homework

The iPhone Camera app includes a self timer function, a great feature for any camera that allows you to set a countdown timer before a picture is snapped. There’s many uses for the timer function, but it often allows for the photographer or camera owner to be in the picture frame as well, rather than just shooting pictures from behind the lens.

Using the iOS Camera Self Timer feature is really quite easy, but despite the feature being right in front of the user in modern versions of Camera app, it remains underused if not just outright unacknowledged or even unknown. For such a helpful camera function to go unused is a shame, so let’s take a moment to review the self timer and how it works on the iPhone (or iPad) Camera application. You’ll be taking better pictures in no time.

How to Use the Self Timer in Camera App of iOS

The self timer has two choices for a delayed camera shutter, using this feature requires a modern version of iOS on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

  1. Launch the Camera app as usual and frame your shot, you’ll want to set the iPhone onto a surface or somewhere stable that it can hold itself upright (third party stands can be useful for this)
  2. Tap the little stop watch looking icon in the Camera app to see the Self Timer options
  3. Choose “3s” for a 3 second self timer, or “10s” for a 10 second self timer (the latter is best if you’re trying to stage something or move far away)
  4. Tap the Camera shutter button as usual, this starts the Self Timer before the picture is taken rather than immediately taking the photo, so get into the frame or whatever your intention is, when the timer is up, the picture will take

Once the timer has started, there will be a visual countdown on the Camera apps screen, as well as an accompanying set of sound effects to indicate the countdown has begun and the shutter has snapped.

This is perfect for taking better pictures in general, greatly improved group photos, or even for taking selfies of yourself when you don’t want the traditional arm-extended or selfie-stick shot.

The only thing the Self Timer function in Camera app is still missing is a burst photo mode specific to the timer, which is often included in third party camera applications for iPhone, and they allow for a sequence of 5-25 pictures to be snapped in a row so that the photographer doesn’t have to keep going back and forth to the camera to take multiple pictures. Burst self timing is particularly useful for tricky family shots or group pictures with a lot of people, as often someones eyes are shut or they’re pulling a face or whatever else that can make a portrait or image not quite what you intended.

You can use the live filters functions on self timer iPhone shots, though there’s little need given that it’s easy to apply the filters to images after the fact. If someone in the image winds up with crazy looking eyes, remember that you can easily remove red-eye with just a quick Edit option in the Photos app as well.

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Despite its high resolution and powerful filters, iPhone camera has its shortness – that is it has no self-timer to click the shutter button to take pictures so we need to do it ourselves. What's more, we need to set a frame to take a great selfie at an appropriate distance. Luckily, there are a great number of counterparts out there. Today, I compiled a list of the best 8 self-timer I have ever used for your references.


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Extra Tips:


Self Timer Camera Apps For iPhone That You Should Never Miss


1. TimerCam



Simple and effective controls are the top feature of this self-timer. To help iPhone users to take get ready for taking photos, it provides 3 seconds countdown sound effect, which is very thoughtful. Another feature loved by iPhone users is that it brings no extra advertisement which is kind of annoying beginning.


Click to download and learn more.


2. GorillaCam



This is somehow a one-step camera app for iPhone. You can use it to photograph stop-motion videos, take series of photos with burst mode, and take a selfie in good view. The brand new feature called Remote Shutter Control catches many users' eyes. It allows you to take photos via GorillaCam on a device while clicking the shutter on another device with GorillaCam as a remote. Even without selfie stick, you will find taking a selfie is such an easy thing.


Click here to download it and have a try.


3. Camera Timer



The most impressive feature of this self-timer is its multi-shot mode.  Under this mode, you can set how many shots to take and how long each shot takes. You will be reminded by countdown beeper and be alerted when photos-taking finished.


Welcome to download and have a try.


4. Timer Auto-Camera



Timer Auto-Camera empowers you to take group photos without leaving anyone during your family or friends get together. Before taking photos, you can set a timer up to 60 seconds duration to earn you enough time to get into your position. After taking photos, you can zoom in and out to preview them and even share them from an album.


Click here to get it free and have a try.


5. iTimer Cam



The theme feature of this iTimer Cam is taking unattended but precious pictures with your family and friends. To enable this, it allows you to take videos in 10 seconds. Both rear and front cameras are available to take photos with one click from 2 to 500 shots.  Better yet, if up to 12 shots are taken by this app, you are allowed to create a time-lapse video.


The app is now charged at $0.99 on App Store.


6. Self Timer



The appearance of Self Timer looks like being built in a camera of iPhone which make you feel more familiar. You can set timer from 2 seconds to 60 seconds for multiple shots in sequence. There are 5 countdown sounds before photos are captured. Zoom option is available for you to take pictures in a certain point of view clearly.


You can get it on App Store at $0.99.


7. Camera+



Camera+ is more than a self-timer but a camera editor.  Its powerful functions including clarity filter, high quality SLR lens, digital zoom, front flash let you shoot like a pro. Besides, it allows you to take pictures in horizontal level to avoid crooked shots. After taking photos, you can skim shots that you are not satisfied with and save on photos you love via Lightbox. In that way, you don’t need to delete bad shots when browsing precious in Camera Roll.


Camera+ is available on App Store at $2.99.


8. Retrica



Retrica is a simple photos shooting app which has built in self-timer. You can get handsfree and even selfie stick free only if you set timer before taking photos. What's more, it adds color to your pictures album by allowing you to add the analog film, decorate your photos with stamp, etc.


It is available in App Store for free.


Bet you find one app you like among above top 8 self-timer camera apps for iPhone. If you happen to find other useful self-timer, share with us in the comment!