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Pre Assignment Pack Southwark

The sale or remortgage of a leasehold property will need our response to a number of questions relating to the lease or transfer of covenants and other management information.

If you’re a leaseholder and selling your home, you or your solicitor may be asked to obtain pre-assignment information from us. This is a standard pack of details about your property, including any planned major works.

The pre-assignment information for leasehold properties includes:

  • 3 year service charge history
  • current service charge account balance and statement (including ground rent)
  • date and length of the lease
  • lease provisions regarding the payment of service charges
  • block description and number of properties in the block that have been sold
  • details of section 146 notices served on the property for non-payment of the service charge and any additional courts fees and interest payable
  • breaches of lease
  • details of any lease breaches committed
  • list of section 20 notices served on the address
  • planned major works for the block and/or estate
  • if the property is part of a Tenants and Residents Association (TRA) with contact details if applicable
  • confirmation as to whether the property is managed by a management company
  • landlord’s name and address
  • notice fee.

The pre-assignment information doesn't include:

  • a fire risk assessment for the building
  • information on asbestos
  • building insurance information

You will need to request these separately.

If you’re a solicitor and your client is buying a Lambeth leasehold property, then please ask the seller’s solicitor to request the pre-assignment pack as some information is covered under data protection.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

It's official - moving house is hell

Whoever said money is the root of all evil had clearly never moved house. (Although, to be fair, money is causing it's fair share of problems during this move - so maybe not wrong, just misguided.)

Number one - who remembers I hate Southwark council? £156 for a pre-assignment pack that takes almost three weeks to materialise. As you can imagine, my expectations for this pack were high. Such cost, such a long time to prepare - surely, it will be a masterpiece. Almost the work of a genius. Alas, not so. It's approximately (and I am summarising here) four pages long, and I'm fairly sure all they had to do was run a report and hit print. What I really love about Southwark is what you get back from the exorbitant service charges and council tax. To be honest, I'll be glad to be rid of them. 

Number two - solicitors. Ours isn't bad, exactly, although I think she could be chasing things a bit more. But the whole mammoth process is slowed down by a combination of our solicitor, their solicitors and estate agents - nothing is quick. I'm almost tempted to become a conveyancor myself. It would certainly be quicker to train and do my own sale and purchase, as opposed to wait for the other parties to come to the table. 

Number three - tenants. Now, I have nothing against tenants per se, but these particular tenants need to get out of our new home so we can exchange contracts. I appreciate that in effect we're kicking you out and all that, but chop chop. I want to have some summer in the new place.

Finally, number four - removals companies. What's all that about? How can it only be a few hundred extra pounds to come in and pack up all my stuff, as well as remove it? Surely that distribution of cost is wrong? But, that said, carry on. If you're willing to pack up our whole house for about £300, you crack on. I hate packing so it will save me a job. I'll be too busy sending multiple letters to Southwark announcing my departure. You probably won't miss me, but let me assure you, I won't miss you one jot.