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Education Today Essay

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Education Today A college education is suggested to be the most heavily judged form of qualification to be looked at when looking for career opportunities. But what is a college education? Is it something you go out and buy at the most prestigious of College University's? Do you simply hand over 25,000 dollars a year, and at the end of 4 years, give or take a few, you are handed a diploma that says, 'Educated'? In my opinion, this is today's view on what education is. It is less of a conquest of knowledge then it is just a stepping-stone towards a career. John Newman suggested that all forms of education and knowledge are connected together, and that the subject matter of knowledge is united in itself. Each…show more content…

Spayde said, "The American tradition… …is improvisatory. There are as many ways to become an educated American, as there are Americans." Be that as it may, this form of education has very limited credibility. To pronounce one educated by observation and self-teachings is not nearly as favorable as someone who earned a college degree. So most of us conform. We realize the daunting task of life in front of us and try to prepare ourselves as best we can. This means attending college, assimilating and conforming. Bell Hooks said in her story, Keeping Close to Home: Class and Education, that the only way to get an education is by assimilation. She believed that you would have to conform and mold to the ideals of those in charge and in power. She herself however, strongly believes in staying in contact with her past. Hooks says that many people feel what they learn and their learning separates them from their past. When entering into a school of higher education and opportunity to advance in society, she feels blacks and other minorities are forced to conform with those of different ethnic back rounds, forgetting their own. Hooks talks about how to prevent this and I think its now being avoided. Through my own first hand experiences at Seton Hall, people of different back rounds and ethnicity maintain there own moral and cultural individuality but hold a respect and friendship with those from other

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